Upgrade your house with these DIY tips

Everything turns into dust as time passes. Humans turn into ashes, animals become a part of the soil they used to live on, and all the structures so proudly built by humans will also wither away with time.

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Your house is one of them. It will not stay the same forever. The paint will fade, the furniture will start looking dull and the windows and the doors will not stay as new as the day they were installed. Living anywhere for a longer time will come with consequences.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend on selecting the decor, or money on buying the most attractive furniture. If you live in the house for a long time those things are prone to deterioration. So, to maintain the long life of your house, you have to either move to a new house with the help of movers like Jersey City Movers or update the overall appearance of your house. If you are ready to make that change and you think the same boring and old decor will not work anymore. Here are some DIY home improvement ideas that can help you change the look of your house without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Crown molding will add charm to your home

If you are bored by how your house looks, crown moldings can come to your rescue. These moldings can be installed easily in every corner of the walls and ceiling. Not only this but it will also enhance the entire look of your room. There are several types of crown moldings out there in the market. You can choose the molding based on the color of the wall or the ceiling. Decide the shape and what type of molding you need and then use a saw and an inch tape to do the measurements. Once you have done that place each molding carefully on every corner with the help of molding nails (you can remove the nails after the glue dries) and molding glue. 

A beautiful stair runner can make all the difference

Replace the old stair runner with a new one. If you had a plain stair runner earlier why not choose a striped and colorful one this time. Though it may seem like a herculean task, but it is a DIY that is completely easy and achievable. Here’s what you need to do. First, remove the old rug and then sweep and mop the stairs. Next, measure your runner replacement from all the corners. Now, cut the rugs based on the measurement and then install the runner exactly where you need it to be. But you have to do this task on the weekends because replacing a staircase runner requires a lot of time and energy. 

Change the look of your front door 

There are several ways to change the look of the front door. You can either change the paint or refinish your old wooden door. Now if you decide to paint the door, pick a good paint and then paint the door step by step. But don’t forget to stay true to the aesthetics while you color your front door. As far as refinishing is concerned you can start by sanding the door and scraping the moldings. It is vital to note that refinishing a door can take time. But if you have the right tool in possession, it can help you keep the look of the door brand new. In addition to this, you can also change the doorknobs and handles after you are done running the sandpaper on the door. Also, for the final touch, apply a coat of wood polish or paint. 

Hang some new curtains to give your house a fresh look

Curtains are prone to early damage because they are extremely close to dust, sunlight, and other things. So, it is best advised that you replace the old curtains with new ones. A good fabric hanging from the ceiling will always give a fresh look to your house. While replacing the curtains you can either choose to add drapes to the entire set or you can simply replace them with blinds. But either way, you have to choose wisely and then invest accordingly. And trust me it will be a one-time investment but worth all your money. 

Repaint the kitchen cabinets 

If you are determined to change the look of your house. Changing or repainting the kitchen cabinets can really help you achieve the goal. But this task will consume a lot of your time and energy. Also, buying new cabinets can hurt your bank account. So, to save yourself thousands and to make the kitchen look out of the world here’s what you should do. First and foremost, empty the cabinets and then clean them thoroughly. Now take sandpaper and rub it all over the cabinet doors to remove moldings and unwanted top form the top. Then use a sander to even the outer surface. In the next step apply primer and in the last step paint the cabinets with good color. This way you will have a kitchen with remodeled cabinets and a house with a fresh look. Having your favorite food in the kitchen will now feel so much better.