6 Signs You Are Dieting Without Even Knowing it

You must be getting swamped every day with posts related to diet and fitness on social media. These days, many people are posting themselves working out or talking about their diet and how it can help you.

There’s always a new diet plan and a new fitness “guru” over social media. Mostly, they all say similar things. It’s a ratio of your diet and workout that helps you stay fit. That ratio is 70:30; that is 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout.
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Beat the chill with these winter super foods

Experts say that winter is a healthy season. Well, there is no doubt about that. Why is that though? Because your appetite increases and your body tends to digest food in a better way.

That’s definitely a great advantage to have but you need to ensure that you eat right to dive into the benefits of winters. Need some suggestions? Well, there are super foods that can keep you healthy throughout the winter.

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