Breakfast Recipes When You Are in a Rush

Breakfast Recipes When You Are in a Rush

As much as we all love the idea of having a slow cooked, healthy, and delicious breakfast every morning, it isn’t quite feasible for us to cook one. There are days when we barely have time to decide what to eat and skipping breakfast seems justified but is it really?

Usually the reason behind less time in the morning is restlessness and less sleep at night. In order to have time at hand for breakfast and other chores, try starting the night prior. Sleep is important so invest in it. If you are stressed or you are struggling in bed, you should consider taking sleeping aids. I highly recommend natural aids such as delta 8 THC. If you like smoking or vaping, you should seriously check out these delta 8 cartridges, they are the best.  

Breakfast is an extremely important meal. I am sure you have already read this infinite times and still find it difficult to have it every day without fail. I have been there too and honestly I could never imagine back in days that I would ever be able to get over that phase. Anyways, I have come a long way and I wish to share the recipes that helped me in making it my reality.

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One of the easiest breakfast to make and has innumerable variations. All you need is curd or yoghurt as the base of the parfait, add chia seeds, nuts and seeds of choice, and any fruit you like. I personally love making strawberry parfait, blueberry parfait, mango parfait, peach parfait, and a mixed berries parfait. All i have to do is mix the ingredients in a glass or jar and eat, sometimes I even carry it with me so that I can have my meal on the go. Pretty convenient, right?


It’s great if you make overnight oats as they can save you plenty of time but one can forget sometimes, and that is totally normal. Nothing to worry about, you don’t have to slow cook the oats. Just tak instant oats, add them with milk in a pan, while they are cooking, prepare your toppings. I like to add almonds, pumpkin seeds, grounded flax seeds, and chia seeds in almost every oats recipe. Other than that, there is a fruit of choice. I personally love apple and cinnamon oats and to make things a little fancy, I sometimes add cocoa powder and chocolate chunks to my oats as well.

Avocado Sandwich

Sandwiches are love. Whenever I wish to have something savoury in breakfast, I prefer avocado sandwich, this is my ultimate favorite. All I do is take two slices of bread, apply mint mayonnaise to one slice and cottage cheese dressing on the other (I make this at home. All it takes is some cottage cheese and a little milk in a blender. Just blend and your spread is ready). Put sliced avocados, crushed lettuce on the bread, season and cover it with the other slice. Your sandwich is ready. To take things to a next level, you can even add a few olives. It generally takes hardly 2 minutes to prepare the sandwich as there is no toasting the bread, chopping vegetables and grilling the sandwich.


What’s better than eggs for breakfast? NOTHING. Eggs are perfect for breakfast, they don’t even take time to cook and can be made in a number of ways. I personally like scrambled eggs with toasted bread for breakfast. It literally requires nothing. You don’t have to make scrambled eggs like a chef, please stop being such a perfectionist. I am guilty of this too but seriously, keeping it simple is best when you are in a rush. However, if you have time, make it however you want. Enjoy your eggs like you normally would.