8 Ways to Make Christmas Safe For Your Pet

Pets are families and we celebrate the holidays with our families, and it’s Christmas time! Whatever pet you have, they will always provide you with love and support.

His presence is enough to help you get through your mental and emotional troubles. I have a beagle (his name is Gru) and I don’t think anyone else is as close as he is to me.

I know, this is a big statement to say, but it is true for all the right reasons. Gru has helped me in my worst. He is an emotional support dog. I have suffered from depression and social anxiety for many years, and I have tried many therapies and medicines to help myself out of this situation. But nothing helped until Gru came into my life. He has helped me a lot since then with my conditions.

I’m sure you feel the same love for your pet too. And when you are spending Christmas with your family and your pet, it can increase the fun even more. But, you have to be very careful about this. Christmas can also be dangerous for your pet. So, it’s important for you to take all the precautions to save your pet during all the decorations, preparations of food, and hustle and bustle of Christmas. So, follow these DIY tips to learn how you can make Christmas safe for your pet.

1. Christmas Tree

The best part of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Everyone loves to decorate it and make it as beautiful as they can. It is undoubtedly the main attraction of the Christmas holidays. But, you need to take care of your pet around it. These trees love lovely and beautiful but can cause trouble for pets. The oil in fir trees is not good for your pet. It can be toxic and cause stomach problems for your pet. Another problem that can be caused by these trees is the needles. You need to constantly clean sweep up the needles or your pet might step over them and get injured. These needles can also get stuck in your pet’s throat.

2. Strings of Light

emotional support animal

Oh yes, the biggest problem I face during the Christmas season is to make Gru stay away from these fairy lights. Just like any other pet, he loves chewing on items, and these dangling lights are his favorite chewing items. Your pet can also tempt to chew on these strings of light, and it’s a no brainer that this can cause trouble for your pet. Tie or place them at a place where your pet can not reach. And always turn off the lights when you leave your pet.

3. Wrapping Distractions

Wrapping gifts is hard, man, when you have a pet to take care of. Close the door and then do the wrapping work. Or else, your pet would be the one getting wrapped with ribbon and bow. You don’t want to spend your time curling, so it’s better that you keep your pet away from this area. Also, your pet can also swallow ribbons and bow (used to stick on a present). This accident can cause a lot of trouble for your pet.

4. Hanging Decorations

Christmas decorations include baubles, tinsel, and other dazzling objects that will be hanging down from the branches. These are just the toys for your emotional support animal to play. So, you have to be careful with these decorations or your pet might injure himself. He might pull the decorations and get hit by some object or just make the tree fall on himself. Many decorations will also fall from the tree that can be swallowed by your furry companion. There can be many broken ornaments on the ground that can easily get stuck to your pet’s paws.

5. Treats Will tempt Him

Turkey’s smell is hard to resist and your pet will be tempted towards it. So, it’s better that you don’t leave your kitchen door open. Keep the food away from the reach of your pet. It would be your fault not his if he steals the food away. And it’s not just about protecting your dinner, a lot of food items are not good for your pet’s health. One of the prime examples is the turkey bones. They can very easily get stuck in the throat of your pet if he swallows it.

6. Fire Safety

Oh, I know you love the fire on a winter night, but take care of your pet around the fireplace. Especially if you have an open fire space. Pets can become detectives when they see something for the first time. He might reach too close to the fireplace if you don’t pay attention. So, keep the fire away from and place a candle somewhere out of your pet’s reach.

7. Antifreeze

Pets can not ignore the smell of antifreeze, especially if you have a hound dog (like a beagle, GRU!). Antifreeze can be highly toxic for your pet and can be very fatal. So, take special care that you don’t spill any on the ground where your pet can lick it. Your pet can get affected by even the smallest amount.

8. No Chocolates For Your Pet!

Kids love chocolates, and many adults too. And your pet will also love to taste some. But, it’s your duty to stay him away from the chocolate and several other winter foods. No matter what animal you have as a pet, chocolates are a straight no. They are very toxic for almost every animal due to the presence of theobromine in them. So, keep all the chocolates away from your pet. Pro tip – eat all of them before your pet even knows they existed.


If you want to keep your pet safe and enjoy the holidays with him, you need to be strict and follow these points. Pets bring happiness and joy in everyone’s life, so it’s the least we can do for them.