6 Signs You Are Dieting Without Even Knowing it

You must be getting swamped every day with posts related to diet and fitness on social media. These days, many people are posting themselves working out or talking about their diet and how it can help you.

There’s always a new diet plan and a new fitness “guru” over social media. Mostly, they all say similar things. It’s a ratio of your diet and workout that helps you stay fit. That ratio is 70:30; that is 70 percent diet and 30 percent workout.

So, when fitness depends so much on diet, it’s obvious that people will try to follow a good diet plan. This leads them to spend a lot of their money on diet plans and dieticians. 

Whereas many people start dieting to lose weight or just thinking that it will keep them fit. No one likes to be called “weird” or unfit. And due to this reason, you might even notice but you start cutting down on your food intake. Dieting can be helpful but not knowing that you are dieting can cause some issues for you. You may even start skipping breakfast and other meals. This can even make you stress out about the selection of your food. 

The biggest disadvantage of not knowing of your dieting is that it will not give you any pause button. You can’t take a break from something you have no idea about. It becomes your lifestyle which can trouble your mental and physical health. So, not knowing whether you are dieting or not can have more damaging effects instead of benefits.

So, go through these six points and if you can relate to them, you are dieting.

1. Your Weight Starts Fluctuating

Ever heard of the term “yo-yoing”? This is the term used when a person’s weight is fluctuating constantly. You might eat something and follow a diet, and then shift to some other diet plan. This can cause a shift in your weight too. Losing weight can be a good thing but constant loss in weight is never good. You should know when to stop. 

If you feel like you have been losing weight constantly then you have to pay attention to your diet plan. Maybe you are dieting too much. Bashing your body by starving yourself is not beneficial for your body’s health. It’s better that you start listening to your body and change your diet plan.

2. You Are Concerned About What to Eat And What Not to

Are you always thinking about the calories you are consuming? This concern of calories and what food to eat can get out of hand. It is a clear sign that you are stopping your body from eating and that you are on a diet.

This can stop you from enjoying the parties, outings with friends, and other fun activities involving food. This overwhelming stress can make you stay away from socializing too. There are a lot of events and activities with friends that involve different kinds of food. Your concern about consuming calories can make you feel detached from all the fun related to it. If all this is happening to you then it’s high time to change the way you think about the amount of food you intake to fully enjoy your life. You should not be taking it so hard on you.

3. You Follow Strict Schedule And Rules

Following a schedule is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. It’s good for both your mental and physical health. But if it’s troubling your eating habits, then you must change it.

When you are on a diet, you have to make a schedule and rules that you have to follow. Some of these rules may include:

  • Not eating anything after 7 pm.
  • No snacks
  • No cold drinks
  • Early morning and evening workout sessions

If you too have this kind of schedule and set of rules, then you are on a diet. You have to acknowledge the fact that you don’t go overboard. Dieting is fine to an extent but food is important for your body’s proper functioning. 

4. Working Out More Than You Should

Working out is important when you wish to stay fit and if you are looking to lose some weight. But, you should take care that you are not don’t it too much. Working out more than your body can handle can have negative effects on your body. Your body can get too tired and you may get some injuries too. 

5. Switching to a Sugar-Free Diet

If you are cutting down on your sugar intake, it’s a clear sign that you are dieting. You start avoiding many sugary items like cakes, beverages, sweets, etc. Controlling your sugar intake to an extreme level will not let you enjoy parties and fun activities.

6. Fearing Too Much About Gaining Weight

Okay, no one likes gaining too much weight, but a constant fear of gaining weight is not good for your mental health. If your first thought every morning is, “why am I gaining this much weight?” This can alter your mood and can irritate you. This is a sign that your mind is thinking too much about your diet.


Dieting is a good way to lose some weight, but you should be aware of how to do dieting properly. Your health can suffer if you are unintentionally on a diet as you would not know how and when to control it. So, if you can relate to these 6 signs, you have to revise your diet plan.