6 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight Unintentionally

6 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight Unintentionally

The idea of gaining weight out of the blue is too disturbing, but not knowing the reason behind it just makes it worse. While bad eating habits usually account for a majority of weight fluctuations, there are other factors at work that can be affecting your body. 

The Yo-Yo Diet

Most of us want to get a snatched body without actually moving from our couch, so we prefer going for different diets rather than a run. But what happens once you’ve lost a few pounds and don’t need to be on a diet anymore? 

You gain that weight, and then some more. That’s the yo-yo diet. A majority of people who’ve lost weight through dieting or fasting rather than moderating their diet tend to gain more than they’ve lost.

This type of fluctuating diet can also lead to early symptoms of diabetes, increased blood pressure, heart diseases and fatty liver.

Pro Tip: Always choose to cut down sugar and carbs over cutting food, and try to combine some type of physical activity if weight loss is a long term goal for you. 

A Possible Medical Condition

If you’ve suddenly started gaining weight without making any drastic changes in your routine, you might wanna get yourself checked by a physician. 

Depression and anxiety have been closely related to sudden drops or hikes in hunger and a need to binge on high calorie comfort food. 

Hypothyroidism can affect the thyroid glands and lead to sudden increase in weight and obesity. This condition even makes losing weight rather difficult.

Other conditions like PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) can cause hormonal imbalances in females and lead to abrupt weight gains. Binge Eating Disorder (yes, it’s an actual condition) also causes weight gain among other complications. 

Bad Sleep Cycle

If you’re getting less than 7 hours of sleep on a daily basis, it can be one of the contributing factors to your unwanted gains. Research shows that adults with restricted sleep cycles experience an increase in hunger for high carb food. 

If you’re trying to regulate your sleep cycle, try putting your electronics away one hour before bed time, use essential oils and scents to create a relaxing atmosphere, and take a CBD gummy half an hour before bedtime.

You’re Munching On The Wrong Food

This one’s the most common cause of weight gain. You eat out, or get some Chinese takeout, and there you have an unhealthy meal. Just to be clear, eating junk and high carb food once in a while isn’t going to have any long lasting effect on your weight. Rather it’s the decisions you take on a daily basis that will shape the way you look and feel. 

Even homemade high calories and sugary food and drinks are a sure way to gain weight.

Processed meals over whole grain, sodas over fresh lime water; it’s what you consume everyday that matters. 

And if you didn’t already know, consuming more calories than you expend will make you gain weight. That’s just how the body works. 

Your Stress is Skyrocketing

If you didn’t already know this, your anxiety and stress is responsible for your immediate increase in weight. 

Remember those nights before the exam when you felt like you weren’t prepared enough. So you went on reading and munching on a chocolate bar cause it makes you feel better. That’s what we’re talking about. 

High levels of stress hormones increase your hunger and the need for high calorie food, in other words, comfort food. 

One way to bring your weight under control might be focusing on your mental health. This could mean spending more time with nature, meditating, practicing yoga, smoking some Delta-8 flower strains, adding CBD as a daily supplement or meeting with a mental health professional. 

The 9-5 Desk Job

If your work requires you to sit at a desk and work on a screen for 9 hours, this could definitely be the reason for your weight gain.

A sedentary lifestyle that doesn’t promote regular movement and physical activity doesn’t allow you to get rid of calories you’ve consumed. 

Sadly, most of us today live different versions of the same lifestyle, in front of a screen, sometimes even after the working hours are over. 

This is when you need to find an activity after work that gets you moving, grooving, walking; doing something apart from sitting around. 

Even half an hour of daily exercise can make all the difference.

Pro Tip: Don’t fall for detox drinks and weight loss pills, there is no shortcut to losing those pounds and maintaining a healthy body weight. 

Bottom Line

Your weight gain can be a result of a bunch of different things and figuring out the source of your fluctuations can be a hard task. But even then, creating a perfect balance in diet and using up some of those extra calories in weight training or a run on treadmill can help you maintain a healthy weight.